Being arrested for drunk driving in Dayton, Ohio and its surrounding areas can be overwhelming, confusing and a cause of great concern. When it comes to criminal law, there seems to be no crime more commonly committed than OVI (better known as DUI or DWI). A charge of OVI should be taken very seriously. The consequences under Ohio law can be severe. The attorneys at Baldwin Valley Law, LLC are ready to help.

When considering which OVI lawyers to consult, you need to find an experienced OVI attorney familiar with the criminal justice system and the law to analyze your case, explain your rights, options, and possible outcomes, and defend you to the fullest extent. The OVI lawyers of Baldwin Valley Law, LLC are respected former prosecuting attorneys with around twenty years of combined experience who know how other Dayton area prosecutors operate in OVI cases. That experience has given our attorneys the ability see their cases through the prosecutor's 'eyes', which aids in providing the best legal strategy in the defense of their clients. While there is never any guarantee of the outcome of a criminal case, our attorneys are able to recognize when the prosecutor is offering a 'good deal' or a 'bad deal' and whether the prosecutor has a strong enough case to obtain a conviction.

Ohio OVI Law

Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.19 prohibits the operation of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, a drug of abuse, or both, or with a specified concentration of alcohol or certain controlled substances or metabolites of those substances. Before the adoption of 2001 Sub S.B. 123, which became effective January 1, 2004, offenses under ORC 4511.19 were generally referred to as 'operating a motor vehicle under the influence' ('OMVI'). They are now called 'operating a vehicle under the influence' ('OVI'). The shortened title reflects the fact that the offense may be committed in a non-motorized vehicle such as a bicycle. The offenses are also commonly known as 'driving under the influence' ('DUI').

The language contained in ORC 4511.19, the OVI law, that follows sets forth five general offenses, three of which are divided into numerous subsections. Each constitutes a separate offense. When one is arrested and charged with an OVI, the government may charge him or her under multiple sections of the statute, but no more than one of those charges may result in a conviction.

ORC 4511.19 states, in part:

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